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Perfect Crime
~better believe I'm doin' the time~
1st-Jan-2013 12:01 pm - [sticky post] だよね~

About me for anyone checking out my journal from communities....

❶ Freelance writer who loves anime, smutty shounen manga, sportsball, Asian dramas, fantasy stories, cooking, and listening to way too much music (mostly from Asia and mostly from Japan, but never underestimate my love for Cpop male solos and "new era" Kpop boygroups).

              ☠ I'm an INTJ and I identify as a coconut. :D
              ☢ Triggered by stupidity and may go into throes of mocking.

❷ I'm not as much of a jerk as I was in the past, but I'm still highly intolerant of bullshit and a wee bit of a troll. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  Not here to protect your feelings and forever refusing to play the PC game.

❸ Don't add me randomly, I will never add you back, especially if we appear to have nothing in common. Comment here and tell me who you are + why we should be friends and I'll consider it.  Pee esss - would love to add more Asian entertainment fans provided you're not completely ridiculous.

Don't feel sorry for yourself, only assholes do that.
— Haruki Murakami
15th-Jun-2013 04:48 pm - two years you guys

Still miss them so freaking much. ╥﹏╥

18th-Jul-2012 01:47 pm - memorial

"In the summer's visit,
the wind carries a draft which blows at the door of my heart....
As I recite these lyrics, it's a true goodbye to you..."


R.I.P. Isshi
† 1979-2011 †
15th-Jul-2011 10:20 am - memorial

"Well, let’s go together
because the black rain has already stopped.
Don’t look back. I’ll say this once again, don’t look back"

R.I.P. Daisuke Ochida
† 1978-2010 †
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