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You Can Call Me Monster
~but I'm already fallen~
31st-Jul-2017 11:58 am
My second edition of Music Monday.  Ko Ko Bop was not initially my favorite song off the War, but it is now lol.  The lyrics are hot for one thing. The KARD album also grew on me quite a lot, as I said. Junho's album was great and Demicat is something I got rec'd on Spotify. It's like world-jazz kinda stuff Idk lol.  I guess I'm including Hyunseung's new song.  That guy can't seem to do anything without drama following him around.  He apologized on his Insta for the way he left B2ST and it's getting mixed reactions ofc.  I might as well say my take on it.  Ok, I was never a fan of Beast, only HS, but at the same time, I had a feeling there was more to him leaving than B2ST kicking him out or whatever and it turns out there was.  I don't understand anyone hating on him for this bc it takes guts to admit you were wrong and actually apologize. Most people never do that bc they can't swallow their pride.  I'm sure he's well-aware how many people don't like him and that this won't change their minds, but he did it anyway.  I think that's admirable af.

Anyway, to the songs (mostly all Spotify links):

1.KARD - Rumor
2.Junho - Canvas
3.EXO - Ko Ko Bop
4.Demicat - Spirit Moves
5.Hyunseung - Home

Also, ok, here's a bonus, bc I really had no expectations or even interest in this JJ Project thing, but it's honestly really nice?  I think if you're someone who doesn't care much for Kpop as it is today, you might like this album. I'm serious.

*6.JJ Project - Verse 2
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