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You Can Caℓℓ Me Monster
~but I'm already fallen~
the return of #MusicMonday 
28th-Aug-2017 12:43 pm
Tbh I could have done one last week but I straight forgot lol.  But now I have to think really hard about what I want to include.  I went through PSCK earlier in the week I think, not to mention Spotify's curated playlists.  Nothing else has really been released and I wasn't overly impressed with Victon's new one.  But anyway, I have a solid ten here lol.  As usual, combo of SPotify and Youtube links.

1.Band-Maid - Daydreaming (REAL all-girl metal band, no not kawaii metal where they don't play anything)
2.KinKi Kids - Red Light (jpop)
3.Nissy - 17th Kiss (jpop)
4.Fire Ball - Don't Turn Dat Down (dancehall/reggae)
5.Will Pan - Coming Home (hip-hop)
6.周笔畅 — Fascination (cpop)
7.Klooz - Gamerrr (hip-hop)
8.The Rose - Sorry (korean indie rock)
9.HIGH4 20 - Weekend (hip-hop)
10.Red Velvet - Zoo (Kpop)

I literally hadn't listened to Fire Ball in YEARS before I came across their new album.  I think they're one of the older reggae/dancehall groups in Japan.

28th-Aug-2017 10:44 pm (UTC)
28th-Aug-2017 10:49 pm (UTC)
Technically two bc the HIGH4 20 (hurhur that pot joke tho) one is just a subunit lol
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