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top 10 songs from 2019

This ended up being extremely easy bc it's literally all EXO except for three songs lmao. I didn't even have to repeat artists. It would be 8 EXO if I wasn't rejecting my loving of UN Village bc I don't stan sperm members. Ahem.  Hell I've already got a start on the best songs of 2020 with Lu Han and Yifan's new songs. Supposedly YIfan is gonna release an album or EP in June though lol. Anyway, all songs Spotify links \o/

1. Imitation - Lu Han
Style: tbh this song is really difficult for me to describe lol, bassy, lower register singing, layered bg vocals and kind of chanting main lines

2. Obsession - EXO
Style: dark hip-hop dance with a heavy beat and electro elements

3. Eternal Love - Wu Yifan
Style: traditional instruments, long but not really a ballad, both singing and rap verses

4. Honey (Chinese version) - Lay
Style: sultry r&b lol

5. AI - Z.TAO
Style: extremely catchy hip-hop

6. What A Life - EXO-SC
Style: funky, summery hip-hop

7. Take Off - WayV
Style: dance with a club bass line and trap drums

Style: funky, quirky, soulful vocals, some mumble rap, Hwasa's epic spitting

9. Rainfall - CHEN
Style: gloomy pop-rock with Chen slaying his lower register

10. Back It Up - Seventeen
Style: Noisy hip-hop dance