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❶ Freelance writer. INTJ. Chaotic Neutral. Slytherin. Anti-Establishment. Northwesterner. Jeeper [o|||||||o] EXtremely EXOcentric. Less of a stan account than it appears.

❷ I'm actually not as much of a jerk as I was in the past, but I'm still highly intolerant of bullshit, have loads of problematic™ opinions, and am very prone to being a troll. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  Tbh I'm an extremely strange person in terms of my interests and beliefs compared to lol literally everyone else, so don't even try to figure me out, you won't. :)

❸ Most non-meme posts are locked, non-mutual comments are screened; I don't really go out of my way to add people anymore since this place is so dead, but if you want to be mutual for some reason, just comment here or on one of my public posts. However, if you never post or comment, I'll probably delete you within a month lol. My f-list is dead enough as it is.

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September Media Log

//Shows and Movies//

BTS In The Soop ep.3-5

//Books and Manga//

The Graveyard Apartment ch.10-19
The Night Tiger ch.1-53 end
Book of the Night ch.13-14


Lovelyz - Unforgettable
Frederic - Asoviva, Vision, Hyohyo to Emotion, Togenkyo, Frederhythm2, OTOTUNE
IDIOTAPE - Future That Never Comes, Sorry to Greta
SKY-HI - Sexual Healing
LEAD - Tuxedo
Jabberloop - Core, Jazz Mesen
Jizue - Seeds
Hilcrhyme - THE MC
ЯeaL - Unchain My Heart, Tsuyogari Loser, Mirai Connection, 19
Chaosmology Tribute to 9mm Parabellum Bullet
キツネツキ - キツネノナミダ, キツネノマド
BiSH - Letters, Carrots and Sticks
Flower Flower - Target, Hana Uta, Mannequin, Takaramono, Shiki
Special Others - WAVE, Window, Have a Nice Day, The Guide
Depapepe - Seek
Ryu Matsuyama - Borderland, Back & Forth
Arukara - New New NEw
Niko Sun - 疲憊生活中的英雄
Fromis9 - My Little Society
9mm Parabellum Bullet - 白夜の日々
EXID - Trouble, Blessed
Julide Ozcelik - Jazz Istanbul vol.1

August media log

//Shows and Movies//

BTS In The Soop ep.1-2

//Books and Manga//

Pachinko book 3 ch.6-21 end
The Year of the Witching ch.1-40 end
The Graveyard Apartment ch.1-9


Taichi Mukai - Supplement
Ronghao Li - Sparrow
Rocket Punch - Blue PUnch
WJSN - NeVERLAnd, For The Summer, As You Wish, WJ Stay, WJ Please
UNINE - Unusual, Unlock
SF9 - 9loryus
Serph - Astral Pancake
Haruka Nakamura - Still Life
Akira Kosemura - In The Dark Woods, One Day
Ametsub - The Nothings of the North
GLAY - G4 2020
Itzy - Not Shy
80KIDZ - Raw WNDS Mixtape 3
Dreamcatcher - Dystopia Lose Myself, Tree of Language
KARD - Way With Words

Also, congrats to BTS for hitting the first number one on the BB Hot 100 from an Asian artist since Kyu Sakamoto in 1963.


July media log

Only music this month ugh


Nabowa - Sketch, River
Fan Chengcheng - Emerging
JBJ95 - Spark
Noir - Abyss, Up the Sky
Ken - Greeting
Momoland - Starry Night, Show Me, Fun To The World, Great, Freeze, Welcome to Momoland
Nature - Nature World Code M, Nature World Code A, I'm So Pretty, Some&Love, Girls and Flowers
Serph - Singing Fruits
My First Story - 1,000,000 Times
Sekai no Owari - Umbrella
Alexandros - Bedroom Joule
J-Hope - Hope World
Elris - Jackpot, Summer Dream, Color Crush, We first
Oh My Girl - Nonstop, Fall In Love, Remember Me, Secret Garden, Coloring Book, Pink Ocean
GWSN - The Keys, The Park In The Night Part 3, Part 2, Part 1
April - Da Capo, The Blue, Mayday
Irene & Seulgi - Monster
Yeti Let You Notice - Hashtag
Plot Scraps - Invoke, Flawless Youth, Vital Signs
King Gnu - Ceremony, Sympa, Tokyo Rendezvous
EXO-SC - 1 Billion Views
GFRIEND - Song of the Sirens
謝天笑 - 《再次來臨》自選輯
Peng Tan - 子夜集
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June media log

//Shows and Movies//

Boku, unmei no hito desu ep.1-10 end

//Books and Manga//

Pachinko book 3 ch.1-5


TWICE - More & More
The Solutions - LOAD, Signature, Movements
Chen Linong - 格格不入
Fabled Number - ELEXGAME, Thunder
亀と山P - 背中越しのチャンス
Hilcrhyme - Hilcrhyme
Kame - Rain
Heize - Lyricist, Heize
GoGo Penguin - GoGo Penguin
Super Beaver - Highlight
Chillhop Essentials Summer 2020
Weki Meki - Hide and Seek
Victoria Song - Victoria
WayV - Awaken the World
Baekhyun - Delight
Stray Kids - GO
Odol - Weft
Local Connect - In a Small Room
Seventeen - Heng:garae
Toconoma - Vista, Second Lover
Czecho no Republic - Door
Hwasa - Maria

May media log

//Shows and Movies//

Welcome Back To Sound ep.4-10


The Game Shop - Street Action, Nextry
OVDS - Heartbreak Resistance
Sound Stabs - Clouds on Fire, One
Lei Qiang - Chinese Traditional Erhu vol.1
Way of Puzzle - Rebirth, Scar
Suga Shikao - 労働なんかしないで 光合成だけで生きたい
Silence Wang - 過去現在時, Control Monster, 萊芙, 登陸計畫, 傳世樂章, Gravitation, 汪苏泷歌曲合辑, Vol. 2, 慢慢懂, 汪苏泷歌曲合辑, Vol. 1
Samuel Seo - DIAL
BVNDIT - Carnival
NABOWA - Brave
Fox Capture Plan - Curtain Call, Excite, Relux
Hua Chen Yu - 新世界
Agust D - D2
Mouse on the Keys - Arche
Lu Han - π-volume.3
Lay - LIT part 1
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it's not friday but i'm bored for a second

It's been Suga lockdown lol. I've got over 100 plays of this album already. Anyway this BBQ  thefridayfive is relevant to my interests.

1. Do you like to barbecue or grill or does that duty fall to someone else?

- absolutely I grill, I BBQ, etc.

2. What is your favorite thing to throw on the grill?

- ultimately?  a good steak.  My most recent fave is Kobe petite sirloin from my local small market. I marinate it for an hour at room temp then put it on. Amaaazzze.

3. Do you have a new/newer grill or an old standby?

- what I have is a converted propane grill into a charcoal one with iron grates. bc it's the wood that makes it good, son!

4. Have you ever owned a hibachi?

- um no actually

5. Any good barbecue stories?

- the only one I'm smug about is when I did whole trout on the grill and they turned out perfect with no stuck skin or anything like that and I was doing it in response to a challenge from a relative who didn't think you could really grill whole trout without getting it all stuck and shit.  Like, do not challenge me when it comes to cooking you will lose lmao.