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Causing Damage
🔺 this is my area, don't test me 🔻
2nd-Jan-2017 03:13 pm - [sticky post] 𝑜𝓃𝓁𝓎 EXO
About me...

❶ Freelance writer. INTJ. Chaotic Neutral. Slytherin. Anti-Establishment. Northwesterner. Jeeper [o|||||||o] EXtremely EXOcentric.

❷ I'm actually not as much of a jerk as I was in the past, but I'm still highly intolerant of bullshit, have loads of problematic™ opinions, and am very prone to being a troll. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  Tbh I'm an extremely strange person in terms of my interests and beliefs compared to lol literally everyone else, so don't even try to figure me out, you won't. :)

❸ Most non-meme posts are locked, non-mutual comments are screened; I don't really go out of my way to add people anymore since this place is so dead, but if you want to be mutual for some reason, just comment here or on one of my public posts. However, if you never post or comment, I'll probably delete you within a month lol. My f-list is dead enough as it is.

1st-Oct-2019 08:08 am - September Media Log
//Books and Manga//

Dracula the Undead ch.28-56
The Invisible Library ch.19-20
The Vandals
Monster Tree


Coldrain - The Side Effects
f(x) - 4 Walls, Red Light, Pink Tape, Hot Summer, Electric Shock
Base Ball Bear - Grape, ポラリス
Ivy to Fraudulent Game - 完全が無い
SKY-HI/SALU - Say Hello To My Minions 2
The Fin - Wash Away
Happiness - Chao Chao
9mm Parabellum Bullet - Deep Blue, Gjallarhorn
Blue Encount - Bad Paradox
Chief - Summer Rain, Clarity, Chief, Empathy, Stray, Coffee, Aura, Late Nights, Stop and Smell the Flowers Sometime
Taichi Mukai - Savage
Twice - Feel Special
Kim Dong Han - D-hours AM 7:03
Chillhop Essentials Fall 2019
Seventeen - An Ode
Magic of Life - Wanderer
Banvox - Sellout
FTISLAND - Zapping
Azam Ali - Phantoms
20th-Sep-2019 02:30 pm - friday five
1. Do you have any special rituals to welcome the approaching season, such as cleaning or decorating?
- just decorating with various fall/Halloween kinda things

2. Do you welcome the approaching season or despise it?
- I love fall, it's my favorite season

3. What has been the high point from the preceding season?
- probably my trip to Victoria and buying my Jeep

4. What has been the low point from the preceding season?
- Idk, baseball wasn't very fun this year

5. What are you looking forward to in Autumn?
- eating squash, football, cool weather, basketball, etc
18th-Sep-2019 11:21 am - ( ´(00)`)
1st-Sep-2019 08:33 am - August media log
//Shows and Movies//

Bleach ep.32-40

//Books and Manga//

Ararat ch.1-22 end
Dracula the Undead ch.1-27


AKLO/Norikiyo - New Drug
Rokit Bay - Хариуцлага
Printempo - Dismantled Vision
Wednesday Campenella - Yakushima Treasure
Suchmos - The Anymal
Anoice - Ghost in the Clocks
Taemin - Famous, Want
Key - Hologram, I wanna be
Itzy - It'z Icy
Mamamoo - 4 Colors
Red Velvet - Reve Festival 2
Girls Generation TTS - Holler, TaeTiSeo With Twinkle
Girls Generation - Holiday Night, Lion Heart, I Got A Boy, Mr. Mr., Run Devil Run, Hoot
Lu Han - π-volume.2
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