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Causing Damage
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Music Monday Top 50 of 2017 Edition part 1 
1st-Jan-2018 12:49 pm
So what I'm gonna do since there's 5 Mondays in January, is post 10 songs from my top 50 for this year.  My own arbitrary rules are: all genres allowed, only one song per artist, didn't go by plays, but just the level of impression they made on me when they came out.  Gonna count up, so today's will be 50 through 41.  Crossing my fingers I can find everything o]n Youtube lmao.

50.三生有幸 - Z Chen 張智成

49.I'm Ready - MAP6

48.Amen - Damiano

47.Silent Love - NEWS

46.ハイパールーキー - 焚吐

45.Spark - Hiromi

44.Lạc Trôi - Son Tung M-TP

43.On&On - Tamaki Roy

42.Sleep-walking - Dreamcatcher

41.Come Closer - Alexandros

If you only listen to ONE song from these ten, I rec On&On by Tamaki Roy, or Sleep-walking by Dreamcatcher.
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