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Causing Damage
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January media log 
1st-Feb-2018 11:02 am
January Media Log

//Shows and Movies//

Fairy Tail ep.65-71

//Books and Manga//

Ichirei shite, Kiss ch.11
Funouhan ch.11-13
Colorful Line ch.1-5 end
Sayonara Heron ch.1-5
Soul Contract ch.1-67


EXO - Countdown
Xiao Yu - With You
Li Ronghao - En
SpeXial - Buddy Buddy
Nissy - Hocus Pocus 2
FEMM - 80s/90s Jpop Revival
Lick-G - Yudai
Ivy to Fraudulent Game - 回転する
Coldrain - Fateless
Pelican Fanclub - Home Electronics, Ok Ballade, PelicanFanclub
Thursday's Youth - さよなら、はなやぐロックスター, 東京、這う廊
Infinite - Top Seed
Glen Check - The Glen Check Experience
The Solutions - Thumbs Up
JBJ - True Colors
Indigo la End - 冬夜のマジック
UQiYO - Black Box, Twilight
a crowd of rebellion - Xanthium
Joker Xue - The Crossing, 初學者, 意外
Flumpool - Last Call, とうとい
Goodbye holiday- ドッペルゲンガー
Halo at yojohan - Animaplot, Innocentpia, Apogee, 万有信号の法則-EP
LILI LIMIT - #apieceofcake, Etudes
Hiroomi Tosaka - LUXE, Diamond Sunset, Wasted Love
DaizyStripper - 4Get Me Not
GRAPEVINE - Roadside Prophet, Babel Babel
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