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Causing Damage
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February media log 
1st-Mar-2018 08:48 am
Amg why is my tablet wireless signal always so shit in the morning.  I'm tryna listen to Iri's new album. :<  Finally got to CLC's album and Sungkyu's last night. Both were pretty good, though CRYSTYLE is still my standard for CLC albums lol.  I super recommend Iri to anyone and everyone though, she's awesome.

February Media Loggu

//Shows and Movies//

Fairy Tail ep.72-73

//Books and Manga//

Endou-kun no Jikken Note ch.1-7
Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki ch.1-5 end
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell ch.28-32


なのるなもない — アカシャの唇
Bassik Grooove - Street Shifters, To Heavy To Float
Rondenion - Luster Grand Hotel
Nabowa - Drawings
Toconoma - Newtown, Tent, Pool
bohemianvoodoo - echoes
Re-Trick - Epoch
Jabberloop - NEW, Old School
Urbangarde - 昭和九十年
MDSZ - Sailor Moon
GoGo Penguin - A Humdrum Star
中田ヤスタカ - Digital Native
Banvox - Roller Coaster, Take No Defeat, Don't Wanna Be
FANA - Fanaconda
Ignito - Gaia
Callme - this is callme
Taisei Iwasaki - Relaxing Mood, Music of the Mystical Far East Japan
BAND-MAID - World Domination
Wagakkiband — 雪影ぼうし, 四季彩-shikisai-
Ken the 390 - Refrain
胡鴻鈞 (Hubert Wu) - 到此一遊
COMA-CHI - Golden Source, Cycle
BoA - One Shot Two Shot, 私このままでいいのかな
Shintaro Sakamoto - できれば愛を
Alan Kuo - Fly
Iri - Watashi, life, Groove It
Keytalk - ロトカ・ヴォルテラ
Metafive - Metahalf
Radwimps - Shape of Miracle
Taar - Astronotes in Disco
赤色のグリッター - セツナ, ラン・ロン・ロン, 存在証明
CLC - Black Dress
Kim Sung Kyu - 10 Stories
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