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Causing Damage
🔺 this is my area, don't test me 🔻
nothing without you 
25th-May-2018 02:48 pm
thefridayfive Would you rather [entertainment version]...

1. Download music // buy a CD
- this is hard lol, bc most of the time I would rather buy a CD, but do I have all that space?  Not so much.  So ultimately I dl way more than I buy CDs.

2. Use MP3 player // Use CD Player
- the sound on a real CD player with a real CD is superior, but again convenience rules

3. Watch a movie at a theater // Rent a video
- neither!  I haven't been to a theater in like 8 years lol.  If I want to watch a movie, I find a place to stream it. (Full disclosure: I maybe watch 2 movies per year and they're not Hollywood lmao)

4. Amusement park for the day // Picnic in a park for a day
- probably the former, reluctantly.

5. Read a magazine // Dollage with a magazine
- Idk what the latter even is, but I really don't read magazines
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