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Causing Damage
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may media log 
1st-Jun-2018 10:08 am
May Media Log

//Shows and Movies//

Mystic Nine ep.35-36
Fairy Tail ep.74-82
My Annoying Brother
Back to 20
Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan ep.33-50
Exo's Ladder Ep.1-6

//Books and Manga//

Blood Lad ch.75-77
Funouhan ch.15
P to JK ch.29


go!go!vanillas — 平成ペイン
Kami-sama, I have noticed - 神様、僕は気づいてしまった
JBJ - New Moon
Snuper - Blossom
Arukara - Kageki
Noir - Twenty's Noir
The Back Horn - 情景泥棒
KHJ - Haze
EXO-CBX - Magic
Teen Top - Seoul Night
Cross Gene - Zero
9mm Parabellum Bullet - 生命のワルツ, 新しい光
The Winking Owl - Into Another World
Niko Sun - 心上認
Serph - Aerialist
Minseo - Growing Up
IN2IT - Snapshot
UNB - Boyhood
Gugudan - Cait Sith
NCT 127 - Chain
Twice - Wake Me Up
[Alexandros] - Kabuto
SHINee - From Now On, Story of Light pt.1
Dreamcatcher - Nightmare Escape the ERA
(G)I-DLE - I am
Pristin V - Like a V
24k - Bonnie N Clyde
Hello Venus - Mystery of Venus
HA:TFELT - Deine
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