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Causing Damage
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June media log 
1st-Jul-2018 08:39 am
June Media Log

//Shows and Movies//

Mystic Nine ep.37-38
Exo's Ladder Ep.7-19


Karen Mok - Halftime
South Club - 20
Crucial Star - Think 18
Giriboy - 3Songs, 2Songs, Lonely 4 Songs, The Standard 3 Songs, 5 Songs for Initiation
Jung Ilhoon - Big Wave
Wanna One - Undivided
SHINee - Story of Light pt.2, Story of Light pt.3
ONF - You Complete Me
RADWIMPS — カタルシスト
Taeyeon - Something New
BTOB - This Is Us
SKY-HI - Snatchaway
Hyde - Who's Gonna Save Us
Nanase Aikawa - Rock Goes On
Son Tung MTP - MTP MTP
Kim Dong Han - D-Day

Lol it's so crappy this month. :x Too much EXO.

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