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~the beat is freakin sick boy~
Army stays trash 
11th-Jul-2018 03:58 pm
I can't believe my last post was like, foreshadowing.  I know Omona won't post about this unless there's really a lawsuit and it reaches Korean sites in terms of the news.  But basically, a guy from the group Winner, whom I don't even listen to or know anything about, got a Dispatch article written about him that was I guess trying to make him look shady for following this dumb photog Insta account that suddenly started posting super dubious pictures.  But the guy from Winner, Mino, had apparently been following him since 2015 when he did something with YG artists or whatever, but had never interacted with him.

Ok, but then a member of the trashest fandom to ever trash, Army, decided to go a step further and accuse Mino of being a pedophile and used...first the Dispatch article, WHICH to be clear, never said he was anything of the sort, and THEN mistranslated lyrics from I guess a Winner song.  She made a thread about it and kept adding to the fire and ofc the rest of the trash fandom jumped in to keep it going until it was trending worldwide.  So to sum up, the BTS international fandom went on a witchhunt to accuse someone from another Kpop group of an actual crime, got it trending on Twitter, and had ZERO evidence for their accusation.  If that's not defamation Idk what is.  And obviously Mino found out, bc he unfollowed everyone on Instagram.  She even kept posting being like, he hasn't unfollowed the account yet hurhur, nm that he was in Vietnam or some shit and anyone who has Insta knows that their timeline is fucked and you rarely see all the posts from ppl you follow and especially if you never interact with them.  And then further kept posting inflammatory things like "y'all stan this?".

Eventually it came out how stupidly wrong they all were and she tried to backpeddle saying not to blame the rest of the fandom (lol yeah right who was rt'ing your bullshit tho?) and saying it was just her opinion and blah blah.  However, obviously she must have felt some threat or fear bc it came out that YG was suing Dispatch and that fans were getting something together to sue HER.  She lives in Korea lol so that should help their cause.  Anyway, she deactivated of course lmao.  Everyone has screenshots though and were mass reporting her to Twitter so.

And lol @ Armies on Tumblr and Twitter tryna tell people not to generalize and it's like ok you know what?  There MIGHT be something useful and decent in a big trash can full of trash, but does anyone really care?  NO.  Bc it's still a trash can full of freaking trash.  That's the BTS fandom.  Sorry not sorry.

This goes even beyond their disgusting slander of Baek earlier in the year.  Though that was less disgusting in terms of how it affected B and moreso bc that fan who shared the experience and had it twisted to slander her fave probably felt like shit, AND SHE WAS THE DEPRESSED ONE.  That honestly still bothers me.  But they seriously don't care.  Trash. Like I said.  What I actually hope happens is that the girl does get in legit trouble and it tarnishes the international fandom in the eyes of the Kfandom.  It's what they deserve.

I'm keeping this public, but don't @ me with idiocy bc i have receipts.
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