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Causing Damage
🔺 this is my area, don't test me 🔻
i forgot about the friday five tho 
13th-Jul-2018 02:33 pm
1) If you could be either a fish or a bird, which would you be, and why?
- a bird bc flying, also specifically I'd want to be a raven or a crow, a corvid, then I could be in a murder!

2) Would you rather it be 10 degrees too hot or 10 degrees too cold? (Does your answer change if that’s indoors or outdoors?)
- too cold and it doesn't matter

3) What is the best thing that happened to you today?
- Chen's hair is black again?  Idk nothing of interest has happened today lol

4) Is youth wasted on the young?
- lol i hate these sayings i just don't get them

5) Pasta salad or potato salad?
- fuck that's hard, but potato salad can be made really grossly, i'm not sure i've ever had a bad pasta salad
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