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Causing Damage
🔺 this is my area, don't test me 🔻
september media log 
1st-Oct-2018 07:18 am
//Books and Manga//

The Ghost Bride ch.1-26


Shinhwa - Heart
100% - Sunshine
BIGFLO - Emphasize
化學猴子 - 人
Oh!GG - Lil' Touch
Fox Capture Plan - Capturism
Pentagon - Thumbs Up
Rainz - Sukinante
Rookiez is Punk'd - The Sun Also Rises
The Koxx - Red
The Yers - Cry
I don't Like Mondays - A Girl in the City
AAA - Color a Life
TEAM H - Mature
N.Flying - How Are You
Lynch - XIII, Sinners
GOT7 - Present: You
Shi Shi - Woman
J.Sheon - J.Sheon 同名專輯 街巷
Mamamoo - Red Moon, Purple, Pink Funky, Hello, Memory, Melting
Chillhop Essentials - Autumn 2016, 2017
Fabrizio Paterlini - Autumn Stories
SPYAIR - Kingdom, I Wanna Be
LITE - Cubic
A crowd of rebellion - III
Ajikan - Boys & Girls
The Prodigy - Light up the Sky
Norikiyo - Stupid and Scissors and
Chelmico - Power

Idk if I've said before but most of what's listed under music is findable on Spotify.  Occasionally Prime Music.  I really don't dl anymore lol.
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