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Causing Damage
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This and that 
2nd-Oct-2018 08:44 am
I never make summer jams posts anymore lol, but I'm gonna kinda do something like that.  My top five albums of the summer were:

Triple H — REtro Futurism
Super Junior-D&E — ‘Bout You
Super Junior-D&E — STYLE
SHINee — 'The Story of Light’

Nearly an SM sweep lol. Favorite songs from each are:

1. Horololo
2. Retro Future
3. Rum Dee Dee
4. Hot Babe
5. Who Waits For Love

All links are Spotify.  Also I finished the book I mentioned previously, the Ghost Bride. Really really liked it.  I was hoping she had written a sequel, but sadly no.  I wanted to read more about [Spoiler (click to open)]Er Lang lol.  The twist at the end was awesome and I can't say I saw it coming lol. She has a new book coming out in February and I'm definitely gonna check it out.  I highly recommend it in any case.
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