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Causing Damage
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Tuesday Tunes 
27th-Nov-2018 10:46 am
Long time no music post too lol.  I should always preface these with, alongside my ridiculous EXO plays here are some other cool things I listened to:

[Alexandros] - SNOW SOUND || Jrock, indie, seasonally appropriate

TAEMIN - Into the Rhythm || Jpop, dance

D-CRUNCH - Stealer ||  Kpop, hiphop, dance

Gugudan - Shotgun ||  Kpop, yay girls and guns

EXID - I Love You || Kpop, yay girls, dance

Dear Jane - 身體語言 (feat. MISS JANNI) || Canto, rock, I think there was some rap

*bonus chankai. :)
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