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Causing Damage
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Music Monday: Top 15 Albums of 2018 
7th-Jan-2019 12:29 pm
The main albums I enjoyed this year. I listened to a lot ofc, but these all got repeats. All links are Spotify.  THe Lu Han one is just the remix section for some reason. That album was on Spotify at one point, but it seems like they pulled it. Either way, all the singles are still there, just not in one place lol.

1. EXO - Don't Mess Up My Tempo
2. EXO - Countdown
3. EXO-CBX - Magic
4. EXO-CBX - Blooming Days
5. SHINee - The Story of Light
6. Super Junior-D&E - Bout You
7. Super Junior-D&E — STYLE
8. Stray Kids - I am NOT
9. Ken the 390 - Refrain
10. Koda Kumi - DNA
11. Taemin - Taemin
14. 张艺兴 — NAMANANA
15. Lu Han XXVII

Wait...a bonus number 16: Do As Infinity - ALIVE I keep forgetting that it actually came out last year, bc it was so early lol.  I was just about to say, wow a year with no real rock entries.  Anyway, that's one of their best albums in a long time actually so if you like radio-friendly Jrock with female vocals, check it out.

Another bonus is Yamapi's Unleashed album, but ofc it's not on Spotify lol.  It was legit equal with most of what I posted up there except for the perfection of EXO ofc. 8D

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