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Causing Damage
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January media log 
1st-Feb-2019 10:20 am
//Books and Manga//

The Invisible Library ch.6-13
Blood Lad ch.78-80
Noragami ch.79-80
P to JK ch.30


G.E.M. - 睡皇后
Eluphant - U
Plasticzooms - Minds
Androp - Daily
Kenichiro Nishihara - Elastic Afterwords, Sincerely
Joker Xue - 怪咖
Ryeowook - Drunk on Love
Minhyuk - Hutazone
Fana - Fanabyss
Haiiro de Rossi - Eternity Blue, King of Conscious
Sleeq - Life Minus F is Lie
Samuel Seo - Unity
The Murky Crows - 我們目前是什麼都先不做
Rubberband - Hours
BAND-MAID - Bubble, Glory
AKFG - Can't Sleep
Mrs. Green Apple - boku no koto, love me love you, Ensemble
Yamapi - Unleashed
KANA-BOON - Nerine
Pandrezz - Belleville
Indigo la End - Pulsate
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