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Causing Damage
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February Media Log 
1st-Mar-2019 10:37 am
//Books and Manga//

The Invisible Library ch.14-18
Legend of the Death Star


X4 - Crossroad, XXXX
Taichi Mukai — 道
Ivy to Fraudulent Game - Memento Mori
Yeti let you notice - 1929winterchurch, 檻、子供達。
Odol - 往来するもの, Years, 視線
Half time old - 真夜中の失踪に聡明と音楽
April - Tinkerbell, The Ruby
Lovelyz - Sanctuary, Heal, Fall in Lovelyz, A New Trilogy, Lovelinus, Lovelyz8
Fromis_9 - From.9, To.Day, To.Heart
Gugudan - Narcissus, Little Mermaid
Polkadot Stingray - 有頂天
Kim Hyun Joong - New Way
Tanaka Alice - Waiting For U
Yesung - Story
Nichkhun - Me
CLC - No.1
Itzy - It'z different
Moon Byul - Selfish
NeonPunch - Watch Out
Cherry Bullet - Let's Play
Favorite - Loca, Love Love Love, My Favorite
GFRIEND - Time for us, Sunny Summer
Apink - Percent, One & Six, Pink UP
Dreamcatcher - End of Nightmare
Jabberloop - Sememoeru, OOparts
Eli Hsieh - Where Are We Going
DIAURA - Definition
Amazarashi - Play Goodbye
Pentagon - Cosmo
Lead - Be the Naked
Taro Kobayashi - Squeeze
Androp - Koi
Local Connect - Hands
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