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Causing Damage
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March Media Log 
1st-Apr-2019 08:28 am
March Media Log

//Shows and Movies//

Save Me ep.11-16 end
Exo's Ladder ep.1-24

//Books and Manga//

The Invisible Library ch.18
The Bear and the Nightingale ch.1
For The Win


Kim Dong Han - D-Night
Aint - 灯
The Rough Guide to Arabic Jazz
KANA-BOON - Hagaruma
BACK-ON - Chop Kick Turn
Tofubeats - 「寝ても覚めても」 (オリジナル・サウンドトラック)
NoisyCell - Focus
Iri - Shade
Uverworld - Touch off
(G)I-DLE - I Made
Grapevine - All the light
Suchmos - The Ashtray
Bentham - Myne
The Oral Cigarettes - Wagamama de gomakasanaide
FT Island - What If, Over 10 Years, Everlasting
Lee Hongki - Do n Do, FM 302
David Arkenstone - Celtic Chillout
Celtic Chill - City of Legions, The Big Dream
JUS2 - Focus
Chillhop Essentials Spring 2019
MAMAMOO - White Wind
Emancipator - Cheeba Gold
VAV - Thrilla Killa
831 - The Great Nobody
Dear Jane - Infinity & Eternity
HEIZE - She's Fine
Suran - Jumpin'
Ryeowook — 桜の花が咲く頃

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