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Causing Damage
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Musical Friday Five 
19th-Apr-2019 03:38 pm
1.Best new song you heard this week
Stray Kids — Chronosaurus

Well tbh it's a tossup between this and Danger, but I can use Danger for another entry so lol. Really liked the new album and this was my favorite song over the title track.

2.Worst new song
Super Junior-D&E — Jungle

Mostly bc of how they mangled the word Jungle lmao, but also bc it was just really corny and kind of annoying. Actually a second candidate for this title would be KARD's Bomb Bomb. Ye gods that was almost unlistenable.

Show Luo — 帥一個

The main surprise factor here is bc I had no idea he was releasing a new album (well ok I kinda did from last year it seemed he was on that path) but I didn't expect it right here and now. Also I liked how dark this track was.

4.Most played song
Super Junior-D&E — Danger

I got obsessed with it and just let it spin for awhile one day. The instrumentals got stuck in my head easily

5.New discovery

?? Sadly nothing. I didn't listen to anything out of the ordinary this week. :x I added something from my Discover Wweekly tho, listen to it and tell me if it's good kk?
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