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Causing Damage
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May Media Log 
1st-Jun-2019 08:51 am
May Media Log

//Shows and Movies//

Sweet Combat ep.3-14

//Books and Manga//



Shi Shi - 希遊記
Lu Han - 2018鹿晗RE:X巡回演唱会 (Live)
Wayv - Take Off, The Vision
CNBLUE - Blueming, Can't Stop, EAR fUN
AKFG - Dororo / 解放区
Weki Meki - LOCK END LOL
Ken the 390 - Unbirthday
NCT 127 - Awaken, We Are Superhuman
Keytalk - Bubble-Gum Magic
Fox capture plan - Confidence Man OST
N.Flying - Brotherhood, Spring Memories, The Hottest, The Real
Lovelyz - Once upon a time
Anoice - The Black Rain, Out of Season
GOT7 - Spinning Top, And Me
Penguin Research - Kettou
LUNA SEA - Higher and Higher

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