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Causing Damage
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June media log 
1st-Jul-2019 07:09 am
//Shows and Movies//

Good Omens ep.1-6 end
Bleach ep.1-21


Red Velvet - Sappy, The ReVe Festival Day 1
D-Crunch - M0527
Ivy Shao - 微雨
Chip Tanaka and DE DE MOUSE - Pot of Peas
Halo at Yojohan - From Novel Land
Shi Shi - Shi's Journey
LITE - Multiple, Installation, Past present future, For all the innocence, Illuminate, Phantasia, Filmlets, Split, Turns Red, Lite
The Cheserasera - 幻
Mouse on the keys - Tres
Lay - Honey
Z.Tao - Music is blue, Art is blue
Lu Han - Reloaded Live
Happiness - Power Girls
Teen Top - Dear N9ne
KANA-BOON - Brand New
Chillhop Essentials Summer 2019
Odol - 眺め
Stray Kids - Yellow Wood
Black6ix - Swamp of Despair
Taichi Mukai - 27
Yesung - Pink Magic
A crowd of rebellion - Black 24

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