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Causing Damage
🔺 this is my area, don't test me 🔻
friday five 
9th-Aug-2019 10:10 am
Taken from August 8, 2014 bc there hasn't been any in a few weeks.  Also this is extremely relevant to my interests lmao.

1. What kind of vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, whatever you have) do you currently drive? Make, model, year, color, personality, name, bumper stickers, rearview mirror/dashboard/rear window ornaments, if any.

- 1998 Jeep Wrangler Sport officially. It's the TJ generation and tbh I just call it TJ. 4.0 liter inline-six engine, AISIN 5-speed manual transmission. The official color name is gunmetal pearlcoat but in reality I'd call it a slate blue. My rearview mirror ornaments include an EXO tassel thing and the EXO Tempo thing with a cool red cube that I have to keep from hitting my window on big bumps lmao.  Stickers I have include "it's a Jeep thing", an Elite skull/camo thing and an NRA sticker. There was also a Bulldog Security sticker that the previous owner had and they're so hard to get off that I just left it. Besides it looks like I have a security system then lol.

2. What are some of your favorite things about your vehicle?

- the fact that it's a Jeep TJ lmao.  So everything I put is gonna be related to that. It's extremely maneuverable. Like moreso than most smaller cars. The turning radius is like on a dime. The visibility is fantastic. If I look over my shoulder I can literally see everything on that half of the vehicle.  I love the window placement, perfect arm height and air rushes directly into the cabin and not just into the back seat. There's also a little overhang so when it's raining, rain doesn't come in unless it's horizontal rain lol.  I love how it starts up when it's cold, kinda twists the front part of the body a bit from the torque.  It drives like it's off-road all the time lol.

3. What are some things you dislike about your vehicle or would change if you could?

- le sigh. Ok there's nothing I honestly dislike about it, but I suppose if I could just snap my fingers and change a few things, I'd rather the AC didn't bog the engine and I might consider making it green.  I really wanted green, but this one was perfect in every other way and the color is rare, so I try not to think about the green lol.  I feel bad even saying that. It can't help that it's not green. :(

4. What is your fondest memory involving your vehicle?

- Probably driving it home the first time. :')

5. What's something you've never done with your vehicle that you'd like to?

- I haven't really gone off-road yet and I haven't gotten a Jeep Park™.  I also haven't done much on it other than change the oil and install a locking fuel door. I'm not hoping for problems lmao, but I do want to work on it some more.  I'll do more upgrades eventually.
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