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Causing Damage
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music monday and such 
12th-Aug-2019 06:34 pm
Haven't done this in awhile and, for anyone still paying attention here, I deleted my Facebook today so if you want another place to follow me that isn't Twitter, i.e. one that is more "real" lol, check out my Insta. I embedded a few posts back so you can find the link there.  Anyway so I listened to a bunch of random crap this week, here's the results.

1. LALALALALA by Koda Kumi - from her Summer Trip EP back in 2013, lol such a flashback. This song is so sticky I love it.

2. Goodbye to the System by SKY-HI feat. SALU - ok so these two might be my two favorite J-rappers, pretty close anyway

3. Only One by Iri - her and the next entry on my list are the freshest new voices in Jpop imo

4. Savage by Taichi Mukai - brand new song is great as usual

5. Breakthrough by TWICE - their new Japanese song is a bop, and very Jpoppy
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