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Causing Damage
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September Media Log 
1st-Oct-2019 08:08 am
//Books and Manga//

Dracula the Undead ch.28-56
The Invisible Library ch.19-20
The Vandals
Monster Tree


Coldrain - The Side Effects
f(x) - 4 Walls, Red Light, Pink Tape, Hot Summer, Electric Shock
Base Ball Bear - Grape, ポラリス
Ivy to Fraudulent Game - 完全が無い
SKY-HI/SALU - Say Hello To My Minions 2
The Fin - Wash Away
Happiness - Chao Chao
9mm Parabellum Bullet - Deep Blue, Gjallarhorn
Blue Encount - Bad Paradox
Chief - Summer Rain, Clarity, Chief, Empathy, Stray, Coffee, Aura, Late Nights, Stop and Smell the Flowers Sometime
Taichi Mukai - Savage
Twice - Feel Special
Kim Dong Han - D-hours AM 7:03
Chillhop Essentials Fall 2019
Seventeen - An Ode
Magic of Life - Wanderer
Banvox - Sellout
FTISLAND - Zapping
Azam Ali - Phantoms
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